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Financial emergencies aren’t scheduled. According to national data, nearly 2 of 3 Americans have no savings to handle a financial emergency. Too many employees resort to high cost options like payday or car title loans to get the help they need. TrueConnect is the better way – you can help and it costs you nothing.

How do Human Resource managers feel about TrueConnect?

In this video, Joyce Norals explains how TrueConnect is making a difference to her 2,300 employees across the state of Minnesota

“Thank you. I really appreciate the fact that you are concerned enough about your employees to get involved with such a program”- Lutheran Social Services employee, Minneapolis MN

Why TrueConnect

Your employees may be facing a financial emergency, regardless of how well they're paid.

Medical Costs  >  Auto Repair  >  Family Emergency

How do real TrueConnect users feel about TrueConnect?

In this video, Deb Hoffbauer explains how TrueConnect is making a difference in her family’s life

“I’m the only wage earner in my home, so it helped bring Christmas to my child and help put food in my house. Times like this, these loan opportunities are wonderful. Thank you!” - Lutheran Social Services employee, Duluth MN

Employee stress does not stay at home. It affects daily work performance and working office relationships

Millions turn to payday loans for help, continuing a cycle of financial stress

Learn about the harmful effects of payday loans


“It definitely came in handy. My family and I were struggling to pay bills on time and TrueConnect rescued us!”- Workplace Impact employee, Cleveland OH

You try to take care of your employees like they are your family

You look after their well being by providing resources they can use to help get through life's unexpected challenges.

“Thank you for making this loan program a possibility for those that truly DO need the help and are embarrassed to go to another source for that help. It’s greatly appreciated!” - Employee, St Paul, MN

We're TrueConnect, a technology driven solution enabling you to offer relief to your employees when unexpected financial emergencies arise.

When your employees encounter a financial emergency, TrueConnect is the smart way to help them. Offer your employees the right solution to get them through their tough financial time.

  • TrueConnect is fully automated
  • TrueConnect uses minimal administration resources
  • TrueConnect costs nothing to offer
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Helping your employees is easy as 1-2-3

1. Apply and Know Right Away

Simple, fast guided online application

2. Funds the Next Business Day

Transmit money straight to their account

3. Simple Repayment

Small automatic deductions from payroll

The TrueConnect Story

TrueConnect is free to offer, easy to implement, is simple to manage and is offered by one of the top mission-focused banks in America (

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